Windows PCs and Macs

Windows PCs and Macs

We fully support Macs as well as PCs.

Say goodbye to worrying about missed Windows Security Updates and MacOS updates, and say hello to automatic updates, backups, remote administration and live remote tech support.

Professional Telephone Support

Professional Telephone Support

With Pure Source's manned Telephone Support Desk your staff has access to quick, effective troubleshooting and problem resolution.

95% of the time we're able to resolve problems in the same phone call and our escalation team is always available to resolve more complex issues right away.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Your business increasingly relies on smart mobile devices to keep work flowing but these devices can expose or create vulnerabilities for your company. Ransomware, unauthorized access to information and lost devices containing sensitive are just a few of the risks.

Additionally, configuring mobile devices can be a nightmare - different operating systems, multiple software versions - the list of challenges goes on and on.

Pure Source's mobile device management (MDM) service automatically secures your mobile devices, seamlessly configures them, allows remote troubleshooting and mkaes it all manageable.

Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Remote work lets your team get work done even when they're not in the office. This is great for business, worker productivity and job satisfaction, but it creates challenges as well.

How do you make sure home computers don't introduce malware into your business? What happens if a remote computer doesn't get updated with the latest security software? What happens if a hard drive crashes in an employee's laptop?

With our Managed IT Service, Pure Source continuously monitors remote computers for security, performs automated backup of work information and protects your business from cybersecurity threats that can be introduced by home computers.

Managed IT Benefits

Here are some of the ways that our Managed IT service will make your business better.

Improve Security

Our automated monitoring and updating systems never sleep and they never take days off.

As a result, your systems are always kept as secure as possible by automating best practices for updates and security fixes.

Reduce Downtime

There's nothing worse than having to close your doors or lose customers because of computer or network failures.

We prevent this from happening by making sure your systems are always operating at their peak and putting systems in place to keep you up and running.

Reduce Cost

Hiring full-time staff to manage your technology comes with lots of direct and indirect costs. Not only do you have to pay salary, you also take on increased managerial and administrative overhead as a result.

With our Manged IT Service, your costs are kept low through automation and access to expert technologists without needing to hire and mange them yourself.

Increase Productivity

By reducing or eliminating downtime, we empower you and your staff to focus on work that directly adds to your bottom line instead of sinking time into managing and resolving technology issues.

Happier Staff

Your staff may not admit it, but when they feel that IT issues are poorly managed or that they don't have the technology support they need it negatively impacts their job satisfaction and their perception of your business.

Access to Pure Source's Telephone Support Desk gives workers the confidence that the solution to all their IT needs is a quick phone call or email away.