Get an IT partner that moves your firm forward.

We don't just fix things when they break: we empower you to run your firm better, communicate more effectively with your clients and protect you and your clients from lost data.

  • Cloud solutions for better collaboration in real time
  • Responsive support remotely or on-site
  • Specialized cybersecurity services to protect confidential data
  • Cutting-edge robotic process automation capabilities to streamline and accelerate repetitive tasks
  • HyperAutomation to read, analyze and classify documents

What We Do For Law Firms

Here are a few of the services that Pure Source provides for Law Firms.

Client & Staff Collaboration

Your firm needs a secure digital workspace where you can share documents with colleagues and clients.

Are you still spending unnecessary time mailing and messengering documents for review and collaboration?

Maybe you're using Google Workspace or Dropbox or some other file-sharing system for this. That approach works but it's totally outside of your firm's workflow, so it creates yet another island of information and, even worse, another system whose security you have to manage.

Using tools like SharePoint, SuiteDash, ClickUp and more, we create secure digital workspaces that empower your legal team and your clients to securely share sensitive information, collaborate on tasks, and to communicate in real-time while fitting into your workflow.

IT Services & Support

If you're a solo practitioner you know how critical your computer is to your ability to deliver for your clients.

Or, maybe you have a legal staff that works from your office or from home offices. If just one of your personnel gets their computer infected by a virus, your entire team is put at risk.

You don't have a big IT budget but you still need to stay on top of Windows updates, software updates, virus protection and more.

Our Managed IT service monitors and manages a single computer or dozens of computers and mobile devices to keep your firm running smoothly and delivering on your client commitments.

Practice Automation

There are a million things to do for each case.

Client onboarding; Retainer agreements; Document reviews, revisions and approvals; Invoicing; Document drafting. The list goes on and on.

Are you managing this all manually?

There's a better way: our workflow automation systems are built to work just the way you want. This is no one-size-fits-all approach.

CRM and Client Portals

Give your clients a self-service portal that they can use to pay invoices, share documents with your firm, review and sign documents, send and reply to messages and more. Your clients will love it and your practice will free up time to spend on your actual cases.

Do you know how your clients found you? Is your website bringing in leads? Do you know which one of your marketing programs are working? Can you tell where a lead is in your funnel?

If you answer no to any of these questions you need a CRM that will track this information for you so you can make the most of every client or lead interaction.

Pure Source tailors systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Lawcus and SuiteDash for your firm to give you the powerful Client Relationship Management tools you need.

Legal IT Security

Legal IT security threats include malware, data corruption and loss, loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, and loss of reputation.

Since IT risks constantly evolve, it's difficult for your firm to handle IT risk assessment and proactively defend against them.

Further complicating things, law firms can be held to similar regulatory compliance measures as their clients, making it crucial for you to be aware of emerging threats, best practices and industry standards such as NIST and ISO standards.

Pure Source's Cyber Resilience Framework helps your firm meet your required security standards, prevent loss of productivity and avoid reputational damage through cybersecurity, training and proactive monitoring and threat defense.

Microsoft/Office 365

We support the full Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools.

For many lawyers, drafting, marking-up or reviewing documents in anything other than Microsoft Word is simply a bridge too far.

Whether you're a solo practitioner or a larger firm with dozens of personnel, we provide the powerful industry-standard Microsoft Office software you're familiar with so you can be as productive as possible.

Microsoft 365's productivity tools and outstanding cybersecurity infrastructure work hand-in-hand to make and keep your firm productive and secure.