An IT partner that understands and caters to the needs of Non-Profits.

  • 20+ years working with non-profits.
  • Strategic consulting for non-profits.
  • Special pricing for non-profits.
  • Process automation to increase non-profit efficiency.
  • Productivity and collaboration tools for non-profits.

Solutions for Non-Profits

Services we offer to non-profits.

Protecting Your Member and Donor Data

Non-profit IT security threats include malware, data corruption and loss, loss of productivity due to IT systems failure, compromised donor financial information and more.

These threats change every day, so it's impossible for your organization to keep up while also focusing on your core mission.

The loss or compromise of donor financial information could be catastrophic for your non-profit.

Pure Source's Cyber Resilience Framework helps your non-profit prevent loss of productivity, avoid compromise of donor data and keep member information safe.

Managed IT & 24-hr Help Desk

Your computers are critical to your ability to fulfill your non-profit's mission.

If just one of your personnel gets their computer infected by a virus, your entire organization is put at risk.

You don't have a big IT budget but you still need to stay on top of Windows updates, software updates, virus protection and more.

Our Managed IT service monitors and manages a single computer or dozens of computers and mobile devices to keep your non-profit running smoothly and fulfilling your mission.

Microsoft Office & Google Workspace

We support the full Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools as well as Google Workspace.

So no matter your budget for productivity software, we work with you to maximize value and make your non-profit as productive as possible.

Phone and Video

Our easy-to-use Voice and Video services give your non-profit's entire team professional communications in an affordable, no investment package.

No more using personal numbers for your non-profit.

CRM and Portals

Give your donors and clients a self-service portal that they can use to donate, communicate with your staff or receive services from your non-profit.

Do you know how your donors found you? Is your website bringing in leads? Do you know which one of your marketing programs are working? Can you tell where a lead is in your funnel?

If you answer no to any of these questions you need a CRM that will track this information for you so you can make the most of every donor or lead interaction.

Pure Source tailors systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SuiteDash for your non-profit to give you the powerful Client/Donor Relationship Management tools you need.